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Ingredients for 4:
around 250g deep-sea crabs
1 jar Scandia Pepparrot
Garlic Cream
3 tomatoes
1 tin sweetcorn
2 tbsp chopped chives
Salt, pepper
Some lemon juice
Seasonal salad
(e.g. Iceberg lettuce, butterhead lettuce, rocket)

Crab cocktail with garlic cream

Place a large salad leaf in each of 4 cocktail glasses.
Put the deep-sea crabs into a bowl.
Wash, clean and finely dice the tomatoes.
Drain the sweetcorn and mix everything together with the garlic cream and the deep-sea crabs.
Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste.
Serve out a portion in each glass.
Add the chives and serve with a fresh baguette.

Preparation time: around 15 minutes

Per portion:
calories: 1116 / kJ: 267
protein: 17 g
fat: 14 g
carbohydrate: 15 g

The crab cocktail with garlic cream tastes great in puff pastry pockets too.