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Our classics

Scandia Pepparrot - Meerrettich
Scandia Pepparrot
Scandia Pepparrot - extra naturscharfer Meerrettich

Extra-hot horseradish

Our very best – prepared Swedish-style. For cooking and refining sauces, for meat, fondue, cold cuts, steak, and as an accompaniment to smoked salmon, eel and wild game dishes.

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Salmon with sesame crust, green salad and horseradish cream dip

Scandia Pepparrot cremig milder Sahne-Meerrettich

Mild horseradish cream

Refined with cream. A mild, sweet accompaniment to salmon, carp, trout, cold buffets, steak and game.

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Roast beef with green asparagus and horseradish cream

Scandia Pepparrot würzig-pikanter Tafel Meerrettich

Prepared Horseradish, spicy, aromatic

A spicy, aromatic delicacy. For cooking and refining sauces, for meat, fondue, cold cuts, smoked salmon, eel and wild game dishes.

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Lentil sweet potato soup with curry and beetroot horseradish

Scandia Pepparrot - Thaisuppe mit Rote-Bete Meerrettich
Scandia Pepparrot - pikant scharfer Rote Bete Meerrettich

Pungent, spicy beetroot horseradish

Horseradish from controlled cultivation. A pungent, spicy accompaniment to cooked and roast meat and fish. Also ideal for refining salads, sauces and soups.

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Steak with caramelised onions and orange-horseradish cream

Scandia Pepparrot - fruchtiger Orangen-Sahne Meerrettich

Fruity orange-horseradish cream

Exquisite as an accompaniment to salmon and carp, trout, steak and game.

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Veal fillet medallions with gremolata, lamb’s lettuce and cranberry-horseradish cream

Scandia Pepparrot - Rehfilet
Scandia Pepparrot - Preiselbeer-Sahne Meerrettich

Fruity cranberry-horseradish cream

A treat with smoked trout, baked camembert, steak and game

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Scandia Pepparrot - Sushi mit Wasabi-Meerrettich
Scandia Pepparrot - Japanese Style Wasabi-Sahne Meerrettich

Wasabi-horseradish cream

Japanese-style wasabi-horseradish cream. Goes especially well with sushi, fish, surimi and shellfish.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Rehfilet mit Feldsalat
Scandia Pepparrot - Gourmet Gemüse Meerrettich

Prepared Horseradish, extra-hot

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Scandia Pepparrot Produkte Cover

Gourmet sauces

From fruity and tangy to sweet and spicy

Scandia Pepparrot - Saucen
Orange-mustard sauce

An exclusive Mediterranean-style fruity and tangy orange-mustard sauce. Tastes especially good with fish, poultry, grilled meats, fondue, boiled eggs and salads.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Knoblauch-Creme
Garlic cream

An exclusive Majorcan-style mild and subtle garlic cream. Tastes particularly good with lamb, beef, fish and poultry, on a baguette, or with calamari and salad.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Meerrettich Sauce
Horseradish sauce

This exclusive Swedish-style rich horseradish sauce brings out the best in both cold and hot meat and fish dishes or as an accompaniment to vegetables.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Honey Mustard Sauce
Honey mustard sauce

An exclusive American-style spicy barbecue sauce. Unbeatable as an accompaniment to or as a dip for spare ribs and any other barbecued meat and sausages.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Senf-Dill-Sauce
Mustard dill sauce

An exclusive, mildly spicy Scandinavian-style gourmet sauce – ideal for smoked and boiled fish, fondue, meat and boiled eggs.

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Scandia Pepparrot - Schlemmer-Sauce 'Fjord'
“Fjord” gourmand sauce

An exclusive, sweet and spicy gourmand sauce in the traditional Scandinavian style, a perfect accompaniment to smoked fish, hot and cold fish dishes and above all “gravadlax”, i.e. cured salmon.

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Sweet piquant – Ticino Style. As an addition to hard- and soft cheeses, to refine dressings, to salmon- or beef tartare as well as to poultry and BBQ.


Grated horseradish

Prepared according to traditional Swedish and Japanese recipes.

Scandia Pepparrot - Schlemmer-Sauce Wasabi Meerrettich

Wasabi horseradish, hot and spicy

Wasabi is an important spice in Japanese cuisine. It goes perfectly with sushi, fish, meat and salad and is a veritable rarity in grated form. Enjoy the pure, sharp, complex taste of wasabi horseradish.

Scandia Pepparrot - Meerrettich Auslese naturscharf

Horseradish grated, extra-hot

Lovingly prepared by our expert chefs based on time-honoured traditions. For cooking and refining sauces, curd and salads, for all fish and meat dishes. Enjoy the authentic aroma of horseradish.


Portioned packages

Scandia Pepparrot Portionspackung
Scandia Pepparrot - extra naturscharfer Meerrettich

Portioned packages

according to individual wishes

…With horseradish preparations, sauces and dips in a whole host of delicious flavours

  • – In neutral transparent and/or aluminium foil
  • – As a tubular bag or flat bag (sealed on four sides)
  • – In portion sizes from 15 g to 75 g

All portioned packages are coated with a batch number and, on request, can be printed in plain black, with additional text, best-before date, company address and logo – whatever you might require.